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Your dream beach wedding on the Canary Islands

Weddings make one of the most memorable days of our lives, and for that our chosen venues need to be uniquely special too. Tenerife is a magical island floating in the magnificent Atlantic Ocean, where the sun shines all year around making it possible for us to organise an unforgettable dream wedding anytime. Tenerife is truly an astonishing multi-faceted place in the world catering for all tastes, ranging from low-key romantic beach ceremonies to ultimate luxury weddings. And the biggest bonus? Your wondrous island wedding can beautifully transition into your dream honeymoon – all at one place.

Whom do I recommend a Tenerife Island wedding?

Mainly to couples who envision to have their wedding in an intimate and creative setting close to nature, close to the sea, away from the formalities of a traditional civil wedding ceremony.

Bride on the beach wedding ceremony Tenerife
Playa de Benijo

Why choose to plan your wedding on gorgeous Tenerife?

More and more couples decide to tie the knot on a magnificent beach in a very intimate setting with just their witnesses or very close friends & families present. They do so, because they want an unforgettably special experience set in a naturally breathtaking environment. They dream of a truly personal ceremony where they can be fully present in every moment with each other and with life itself. And that’s exactly what a symbolic wedding on Tenerife allows them to do.

How do we organise a symbolic wedding?

We start by an online meeting where we listen and explore our couples’ needs, desires, wishes and dreams. All weddings are then tailored to the couples’ individual needs and we start our plannings with a good understanding of the dream destination.

A symbolic wedding much follows the schedules of a traditional civil ceremony, but it is less formal, more personal and usually comes with a much better view of the astonishing blue ocean. All of our weddings are completely bespoke so you can be sure that your special day will look like as you have dreamt it.

Beach Weddings

Tenerife is an island with lots of microclimates which make it possible for us to organise many different type of settings for your wedding. Based on these varieties we have created packages for simplistic beach weddings, luxury yacht weddings, Sky Bar ceremonies with ocean views, and secluded secret location weddings with breathtaking panoramas with an immediate proximity to the water.

Venues & Packages

As a photographer I’m naturally inclined towards creativity, favouring visually rich experiences both in settings and decorations. We have created different packages for our wedding decorations to magically harmonise the wedding atmosphere with the chosen venue and environment. Naturally of course, based on our couples’ individual requests, bespoke decorations can be arranged and provided.

Why choose DalmArt Weddings?

Because we are photography and planning all in one, meaning we know exactly what is really needed in the organisation for really beautiful photos to be taken. We use our extensive photography expertise to make the right decisions when organising the venue and the decorations, taking into account the lighting, the surroundings and everything else that effects good wedding photography. And as an added bonus, by the day of your wedding, we have naturally built a good relationship between us which makes working together a more free-flowing experience usually resulting in beautifully natural looking photos for even those who normally don’t enjoy posing for the cameras.

You dream it, we turn it into reality!
Love, Dalma

What our couples says

Key informations

  • All package pricing are based on 4 people weddings (bride, groom and their two witnesses). Bespoke packages are available on request, please contact us with exact number of attendees for pricing information to be provided.  
  • By law, non residents are not allowed to legally get married on the island of Tenerife. For this reason, we can organise symbolic wedding ceremonies, which by itself are not legally recognised, but nevertheless are more personal and unique. This day is truly about the two of you! If you wish to legally get married we recommend you to organise a traditional civil ceremony in your home countries before or after your Tenerife wedding. 
  • With the help of our local tourist office partners we are able to assist with hotel bookings, car rentals, sightseeing activities etc. should you need any assistance. 
  • Packages and prices are solely informational, at the end all weddings are bespoke and unique. 
  • We also offer our services for those wishing to celebrate special wedding anniversaries and to those wishing to renew their wedding vows.